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Business Center Solution

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Business Center Solution


Modern urban buildings are getting taller, intensive and the buildings are mostly reinforced concrete as the skeleton. In addition, the fully-enclosed exterior decoration makes the radio signals of the walkie-talkie obstructed and severely attenuated,which cause the formation of many blind spots in the communications blindness.Thus,the blindness would made it difficult for managers to conduct normal communications. Commercial building wireless intercom system is an effective solution for commercial center managers to improve blind radio communication in wireless walkie-talkies under the environment of the basement of large buildings, underground shopping malls, and underground parking lots.


The commercial center wireless intercom system solution we provide is based on the MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system and the building's internal wireless signal micro power coverage system. It fully integrates the security and wireless signal of the building in the communication and data applications of the MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system. Micropower coverage system (hereinafter referred to as antenna distribution system) is comprehensive in signal coverage.


(1) Using the XIR R8200 digital wireless intercom system for repeater  inter-frequency relay technology to expand the radio's communication range. When the radio cannot communicate with each other due to the distance between the two radios or the building block.At this time , the repeater can transmit the radio¡¯s signal at different frequencies and then pass to the radios. The antenna distribution system sends the signal out, thereby expanding the communication distance between the radios.

£¨2£©Small power and multi-point position, to avoid communication blind area for many space partition

we follow the principle of  "small power, multi-point" .the space field strength in the covered area form multiple sets, to avoid wireless communication to create dead angle and blind area. Make it easy for security personnel to communicate and maintain order at any time;

£¨3£©IP internet system, with the help of IP base station interconnect roaming,the walkie talkies can communicate under the situations of  scattered geographical position and wide area with physical obstacle,or complete coverage signal  in towering buildings.

£¨4£©Linkage fire alarm system (optional)

when fire alarm system sends alarm signal out , fire fighting system will alarm through its own system. The connected wireless intercom system can automatically convert the received fire alarm signal into the alarm information content for sending, and inform all or designated personnel who hold the walkie talkie about the area of fire and related information in time, so as to facilitate emergency dispatch  and Arrangement for all personnel and extinguish the fire in time. To provide multiple alarm transmission channels, not only it can be sound alarming through the alarm device, but also it can automatically send the alarm related information to mobile handheld terminal through text information,which can highly improve the reply to the  disaster . To the ability, in the emergency dispatch aspect displays the higher efficiency. The wireless intercom dispatch system not only it can automatically sends  text alarm messages to the relevant mobile terminals, but also responds to the unique voice function that will quickly organize the relevant personnel to carry out disaster rescue, personnel evacuation, and give play to the due emergency dispatch function. To minimize disaster losses. Wireless intercom dispatch system can support multiple alarm signals, send short message and voice call to multiple mobile terminals, and ensure effective linkage support for fire alarm system.

£¨7£©The combination of Customized development with other applications(optional)

Accroding to customers¡¯requirements,we can integrate our system with other hotels app,such as broadcast system ¡¢hotel room management system¡¢fire alarm system¡¢wireless network system.

System Function

¡ô Digital voice function: group call, private call, all calls;

¡ô Digital signaling function: PTT ID and alias,Remote Tele-kill radio, check radio, call prompt, emergency call;

¡ô Other applications: text messaging;

Solution Features

¡ô Fast-system construction,Less-investment.highly-frequency utilization

¡ô Stable performance, low operating costs.

¡ô Clear voice,rapid- dispatching