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Supermarket Communication solution

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Supermarket Communication solution


Convenient communication is the basic guarantee for the smooth running of the daily business of the supermarket’s managers. the office area staff can use phone communication, but out of office area supermarket staff’s fluidity big and working location is not fixed, phone calls can’t assure the basic level of voice communication.

With the continuous development of supermarket business, their customers become more and more service demanding and they need quick response. It requests supermarket staff to coordinate the corresponding resources shortly. Therefore, most local supermarkets management use walkie talkies. However, the walkie talkie can’t meet the increasing demand when the quantities is too many and supermarket is too large. For example: poor communication, blind zone, interference, unclear voice and etc.

Solution Introduction

According to practical communication application, INRICO has developed a variety of wireless communication solution. The following principles have been applied in the solution:

1.Advanced principles: the system is very modern and advanced in terms of the allocation of resources (including hardware equipment, high technology ) and the use of functions.

2.Reliability principles: high reliability in terms of the system resources including hardware equipment: stable work, easy to maintain, reliable backup for hardware failure.

3.Technology maturity: with advanced and mature technology it can be put into good use after completion and achieve satisfying effect.

4.To be expandable: it can be expandable with reasonable system structure and moderate design capacity. With the premise of protecting the original investment, it can increase the capacity of resources, including the increase of communication coverage and distance. The solution adopts signal relay and coaxial cable wireless coverage technology to ensure the coverage of whole buildings of supermarket. Single or multiple channels can be established according to the actual needs of the various supermarket management . The seamless coverage of voice,  group calls and single calls can be realized accordingly which achieves '"no blind zone, no interference and clear voice" work demand.

Solution characteristics

1. Signal no blind area  wireless communication system for supermarket makes the wireless signal to its every corner including even underground parking lot and fire passage where are very hard to cover. It guarantees satisfying voice communication among all the staffs working on damage prevention , cargo receipt, floor management, cleaning and so on which ensures smooth and effective communication in any location inside the supermarket.

2. The system can be expanded or upgraded any time without affecting other users and systems.

3. Unattended, simple structure, this system can realize automatic unattended: the staff can call and talk within the coverage area, do not need special person on duty, do not need to send a message, direct intercom.