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Property Management Solutions

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Good property management has become an important factor in the sale of properties, and it has also become an important consideration for property owners or tenants to choose property companies. The use of walkie-talkies in the day-to-day work of property management has brought convenience to property management and also enhanced the management of the property. However, in order to solve the problem of parking, modern communities have built one or more large underground garages. Such spaces have a strong radio signal shielding effect for walkie-talkies. The mere reliance on walkie-talkies can no longer meet the demand for real estate management without blind traffic in the entire community.


The community wireless intercom system solution we provide is based on the MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system and low-power coverage system, fully integrating the security and low-power coverage system of the MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system in communication and data applications (hereinafter referred to as antenna feeder Distribution system) comprehensiveness in signal coverage.


(1) Using the XIR R8200 digital wireless intercom system for base station inter-frequency relay technology to expand the radio's communication range. When the radio cannot communicate with each other due to the distance between the two radios or the building block, the base station can inter-transmit the intercom signal at different frequencies and then pass the radio. The antenna distribution system sends out signals, thereby expanding the communication distance between radios;

(2) The antenna distribution system of the underground parking garage in the community is arranged to solve the signal shielding problem in the basement. The antenna distribution system consists of an indoor omnidirectional antenna, a flat panel directional antenna, a coupling splitter, a power divider, a trunk amplifier, a connector, and a low-loss RF Cables, leaky cables and other equipment components, combined with national electromagnetic radiation standards and residential building structure, distribute the antennas in every corner of the basement, and then connect them to the center of the base station through cables, so that the wireless signals are received or transmitted through the antenna to achieve the entire Wireless signal coverage in the basement area of the cell; In the outdoor area of the cell, a low-power outdoor omnidirectional antenna is used, and the output power is adjusted to ensure the coverage of the entire cell, meanwhile no signal leaks out of the cell.

(3) Antenna sharing system, increasing communication capacity. The antenna sharing system consists of combiners, splitters and signal tandem controllers. Up to eight digital base station signals can be integrated into the same antenna distribution system. Receiving or transmitting saves unnecessary investment in materials, repetitive wiring, and debugging, thereby reducing costs;

(4) IP interconnection system, to expand communication range with the help of IP base station interconnection and roaming, which can synchronize the scheduling of different underground parking garages, and also implement unified scheduling management for the second and third phases.


(5) The wireless intercom patrol system can realize real-time patrol management by adding patrol dispatch management center, patrol software, information button and patrol intercom under this system.

System Functions

¡ôDigital voice function: group call, private call, all call;

¡ôDigital signaling function: PTT ID and alias, remote, and check radio, call alert, emergency call;

¡ôOther functions: text and message;

Solution Features

¡ô Comprehensive coverage, no communication blind spots;

¡ô Digital technology, clear voice, safe call, no interference;

¡ô The system is flexible and has long-term scalability;

¡ô Longer power supply time, ensuring lasting calls;

¡ô Text information, silent communication, to achieve a quiet hotel environment;

¡ô Improve employee safety and ensure timely response;