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Forestry Industry Application Solution

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Forestry Industry Application Solution

1     Background
As the development of the afforestation ,forest area and stock volume are growing continuously year by year, and fire prevention work has been the primary task of  forestry management. Forest fires is one of the world's forestry major disaster, every year a certain amount, causing large loss of forest resources and global environmental pollution. Forest fires is sudden and random disaster, in a short time, which can cause great loss . If there is a fire, we must take measures to fight the blaze at breakneck speed, fighting timeliness, adequacy of decision-making, an important reason for forest fire behavior depends on the timely discovery, analysis are accuracy and reasonableness of the decision-making measures are appropriate.
With the development of science and technology, now forest-fire prevention started real intelligent management. Staff sitting in the office just drag the mouse to observe thousands of square kilometers of forest, to know rangers¡¯ work status , to achieve the remote control of front forest and conduct rescue work by monitoring , dispatching and GPS positioning in the event of emergency.

2  Rangers¡¯ management status and development trend

Rangers are at the front-line of forest protection, whose efficiency and reliability are directly related to forest protection achievements. Due to man-made and natural factors, requirements to rangers are also promoting, and there are a few problems in forest protection and rangers¡¯ management.
1)   Wide distribution of staff, inconvenient communication
As forest cover a larger area and most communication based on traditional communication point to point by phone, information can not be shared at once and passed through quickly.
2)   Large number of rangers, difficult to manage
Due to the limited scope of ranger patrol, forest fire prevention with feature of huge-crowd strategy which is large number of discrete rangers, has no effective way to regulate and check attendance.
3)   Forestry station is too remote , first scene information is difficult to be sent back.
Forestry station are mostly in remote areas, where transport is inconvenient and population is small. In case of fire or other disaster, first site information can not be sent back real time which greatly affects the leadership¡¯s decision-making, the intensity and effectiveness of disaster disposal.
4)  It is not easy to combine advanced technology with rangers¡¯ work.
The relatively advanced information management technology can not really manage the combination with ranger management and apply to forest protection due to lack of a good medium to get instant information from ranger .
The work of forest protection and ranger management demands high quality, high efficiency, low-cost information technology applications for serving forest protection work:
1)  WCDMA 3G wireless technology serves for transmitting data of forest protection.
2)   GIS IT serves for ranger management.
3)   Trunking Intercom Technology serves for emergency management.

3    system construction goal
To establish and improve the management of trunking communications dispatch system for Forest Management service, meet critical communication needs, improve efficiency, while responding to emergencies, which helps to take effective, rapid and sequential actions to dispose all kinds of events. Hereby, the trunking radio positioning system solution is put forward. This solution connects PTT trunking dispatching system (Inrico WCDMA digital trunking dispatch system) with network hand held walkie talkie (Inrico T298/298S/198/199) for providing different ways of cooperative communication. Functions of group inter-come, recording and playback , GPS, uploading and checking pictures and videos, sending and receiving messages have been integrated in trunking dispatch platform which can be achieved through hand held network trunking radios connected with dispatcher. To take advantage of portable feature of hand held walike talkie to improve users¡¯ capability in rapid-reaction. Dispatch center connects hand held walkie talkie through dispatch platform for real-time GPS position, providing help accordingly and timely .
Through integrated GIS information system on dispatch center,  rangers¡¯ work status,
vehicle distribution and rangers distribution can be monitored directly. Functions of job dispatch, patrol, monitor and management can be available by cooperative intercom dispatch system and video monitor system. Also in case of emergency, according to distribution of rangers and vehicle, taking pictures and uploading real-time, monitoring images and uploading real-time on dispatch center, dispatching command for disaster disposal can be reached by dispatch center , which is also helpful for strengthening dynamic management capabilities while providing intuitive for emergency planning and decision.
After finishing system construction£¬functions of staff and vehicle GPS system, mobile video system, cooperative dispatch system of intercom will be available for providing an effective, fast and simple way to devise strategies within a command tent and be with presence of mind in the face of disasters in forestry management and emergency dispatch.
1) Support efficient and flexible dispatch

Trunking intercom system with dispatch function ,supports dispatch by voice intercom efficiently and flexibly, which makes better use of the trunking system for improving efficiency, ensuring security and promoting stability, responding to emergency incidents problems timely.

2)   Support hierarchical management function

Dispatch center adopts distributed deployment, and users can achieve hierarchical management function through different users¡¯ permission. Dispatch center level-1 supports GPS and  dispatching all staff, while level-2 only supports GPS and dispatching staff at the same level.

3)   Positioning in real time
For staff management , there is no better way to check staff attendance at present but the combination of GPS and intercom function can check staff attendance perfectly according to real-time GPS and track playback provided by terminal and intercom function.
4)Functions of GPS and inter-come for staff management
Based on GPS and trunking dispatch system, Inrico provides more advanced monitoring mode that is GPS system for staff position and vehicles position while providing a wide range of group intercom. For alert issued around the point, dispatchers can position the target site and dispatch staff nearby to respond quickly to solve the problem through the intercom system.
5) Emergency Communication
For emergency situations, leaders¡¯ opinions can be conveyed to all department heads for taking emergency measures. At the same time, staff¡¯s real-time position can be monitored for facilitating emergency dispatch.

¶þ¡¢   System Solutions
1    System technical background
1.1 Introduction to Systems Network
Inrico trucking system based on WCDMA 3G for voice and data transmission at 14.4Mbps high speed can meet current requirements of data business with diversity, large capacity and asymmetric features.
1.2 Inrico WCDMA digital trunking intercom
Inrico network digital trunking inter-com based on WCDMA 3G for providing advanced wireless intercom service. Intercom capability can meet the professional level requirements, which has obvious advantage in network coverage, construction and maintenance costs, value-added services. Integrated with the dispatch system can achieve unified user management, increase utilization data, reduce communications costs.
Inrico network digital trunking radios as professional devices used with inrico dispatch and management system, can be used for personal and business applications, such as for public safety (police, fire, safety, security, military, etc.), transport (road, air, rail, inland shipping, public transport, taxi, etc.), social interaction, municipal management , command and communication water power, industrial enterprises and other industries or sectors of production management and disaster relief, and other scenes deal with emergencies is to protect social stability and ensure safety in production, improve efficiency, reduce accident loss of an important means.
System functions:
System advantages:
1) Connection speed, setup delay less than one second, comparable to professional trunking intercom, in accordance with professional trunking users habit;
2) Multi-features, support for multiple calls, including individual call, group call, temporary group call , while providing high-speed data, message, location, and other value-added services;
3) Covering a wide range, may be implemented nationwide intercom 3G network coverage;
4) It¡¯s flexible to set different types of priority, meet the needs of internal dialogue permission, groups assigned to ensure the timely flow of higher priority level, team or business communication;
5)Based on network trunking advantages, according to users special requirements of private network communication, select the configuration management station and dispatch center, consisting of more powerful private network users within powerful trunking network;
6) Communication protocol applied to WCDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) mode, to ensure energy saving, high security call, clear voice, to achieve a number of advanced technology group call, including channel sharing, fast links.
7) Advance technology .This product integrated dispatch and management platform with inrico hand-held terminals in inrico network digital trunking system, which has comprehensive technical advancement in architecture, interface design and so on.
8) Excellent performance. Great combination of hardware and software, perfect dispatch mode, , ensure timely and quickly dispatch and present high connection speed and multiple features.
9) Cost-effective.
10) Good reliability.
1.3 Positioning introduction
GPS & LBS¡ª¡ªLocation Based Service

2    System Design

2.1 System networking solutions
1) Management system solutions
Each device has specific ID ,which should be registered in inrico management platform first, then administrator can manage groups and permission
2) GPS solutions
Via dispatch center, dispatcher can check users¡¯ real-time location and trajectory
3) Mobile audio and video monitoring
Via inrico dispatch system, dispatcher can check voice recording, pictures and video sent by users, video monitoring and command can be conducted in real time if necessary
4) 2.2 System Design Principles
Take actual situation into consideration when we plan forestry solutions, ensure that structure configuration is reasonable, scientific and economic, while strictly below principles for design:
1) Normative principles
This system is a rigorous and comprehensive system, in the design and construction process of the system should be strictly implemented in all aspects of the standards and norms, and to comply with the technical requirements, good standardized design and construction of the system. Each equipment performance and reliable technical requirements, all equipment should be consistent with national standards and industry standards.
2) Advanced Principles
Both software configuration and hardware, inrico strives to achieve the advanced technology, safe and reliable defense tight.
3) The principle of compatibility
That design is reasonable, whether it is matching hardware, or systems with a particular adaptability to the environment, required to have good compatibility. As per hardware, system upgrade requirements on both the upper and lower hardware can be compatible in the future, lower cost.
4) The principle of forward-looking
That systems be designed to give full consideration to the development needs of forest fire monitoring command system, can fully adapt to rapid advances in technology, to expand the system's interfaces, and technical reserve space for sustainable development.
5) Accessibility guidelines
Operating customary system was designed to fully consider the forestry industry characteristics and management personnel during the operation is simple, easy to use manual operation, fast and efficient monitoring and management, emergency command scientific and feasible.

3   System functions

3.1 Dispatch function
Group Call: group call is a one-to-call half-duplex mode. Group call process, a group at the same time only one of the members speak, the other members can listen. Groups can be divided into temporary group call ,group call and predefined group call.
Individual call: Individual call means one to one, half-duplex mode of the call. Individual call, during the same time,  there can be only one speech, the other party can only listen.
Predefined group call: Set the call priority of the member at multiple levels within a predefined group according to the user's needs. Higher priority can interrupt lower priority members members intercom.
Terminal status check: terminal status check is in a small group (50 persons) call, the group's internal line members can check the group's online/offline group membership number and its status through the terminal
After the late-join: If the user initiates a temporary group call, a predefined group call, and the call is already in progress, the user will be added to the call.
Speaking ID displayed: when user presses the PTT key to start speaking, user¡¯s ID will be displayed in the other user's terminal.
Display group number: Group number is displayed in the group call means group ID will be displayed on the terminal .
Recording function: Dispatch provides recording function , recorded audio is stored in a file format, for later use
3.2 Management function
Group management
To check group name, attribution, the maximum number of groups, the total number of user groups, the maximum allowable number of administrators, and other information.
Enterprises administrator. When set Group accounts, inrico only designated a super administrator, super administrator can assign administrator within the Group predefined groups. Group administrator using customer-specific or operator for the group assigned Group Administrator ID login portal management console, complete the group management, user management, system configuration and other functions.

Group Management Features
Add group: add group in the enterprises and set group name and number.
Modify Groups: Modify group information, including group name, group number.
Check group: according to the group number or group name ,check group information, including group name, group number, and a list of members of this group information.
Delete group: delete unnecessary group.
Add group members: Add a member in the group, and set the member type , the priority group call when speaking long and permissions.
Modify Group Members: modify the information of a member of the group, including members of type, priority, speak long and group call permissions.
Check Group Members: Check group member information, including members type, priority, speak long and group call permissions.
Remove Group Members: Delete group members.

User management
Users¡¯ information management: in accordance with the users¡¯ name or users¡¯ number to check the user information, and to check out the user information changes, including subscriber number, priority, etc.
Users¡¯ belonged group: according to the users¡¯ name or number,  check belonged group.

3.3 Multimedia features
To send back pictures : In accordance with the time period, device retrieve pictures and send back in time.
To send back video:Inrico smart network radios T298S installed INRICO APK can send back video in time. All videos are saved on the server, which can be checked and managed.

3.4 Positioning
GPS & LBS¡ª¡ªLocation Based Service
Quick to establish temporary groups
Circle devices on map, directly initiate temporary group call.
GPS Report
Set accuracy reporting frequency , GPS report can be check
Track feature
Check latest location of device and track route
Playback track
Track route can be checked and played back during specific time
Geography fence
Set up the restricted area, record and alarm the terminal in and out of the area
Line deviation management
Set device route, alarm for deviation
Patrol management
It provides patrolling management service for the patrol officers , can follow the patrol line, set each patrol officers routes and time, users are in accordance with the provisions of each patrol inspection point, the system statistical management, providing statistical data of the month, you can check police officers on patrol attendance management.
System management functions
It¡¯s easy for administrator to change administrator login information, passwords, query logs and set the login information. Comprising: an operation log, login settings.
It provides all operation log operation log of each platform administrator function menu, and can be conditional query.
Login Settings to set the administrator login. You can set the top left LOGO oriented unit mark.
Modify the registration information and password information.
3.5 Hierarchical dispatch function
Administrator refers to a status within the group. Users can have this identity within the group through the management station management groups and users, including add, modify and delete groups and members of the group, modify user attributes.
Administrators sub super administrator and general administrator. Super administrator account password, negotiated by the operator and the customer, the super administrator can create an administrator, an administrator can manage user groups and members of the Super Administrator conferred. An administrator can create two administrators, two administrators and give the administrator and user group members within the scope of management level, and so on.
When creating a new administrator can be given administrator privileges. For the new group permissions, administrators can impart superior subordinate administrators to manage permissions opted check mode is not selected only the members of the group management authority, no new group, administrator privileges. At the same time when you can give the new administrator and user administrator group membership management which, if not you can not give the management group and the management team members.
Under a new administrator of the group, which can be attributable to a higher level administrators to manage and gives the other a subordinate administrator administrator.
Several administrators can manage the same group, then the management group members, each administrator can view the group's members used, but only for the increase in the number of own scope of jurisdiction, delete, change.

Èý¡¢ Fourth, the terminal equipment

smart global walkie-talkie Model£ºT196 / T199 / T289S