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Hotel Communication Solution

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Hotel Communication Solution

With the development of economics and improvement of life standard, the size of hotel industry is increasing growing.However, the high floors, multiple structures, underground parking and hotel staff¡¯s working demands lead to some problems and requirements.Therefore, the hotel's management staff also put forward a new demand for the hotel's internal communications, requirements that the signal of the walkie-talkie be free of blind spots, interference, and clear speech within the hotel.The hotel's welcome, front desk, guest rooms, catering, security and logistics can communicate at any time and anytime in the hotel. A wireless walkie-talkie communication system needs to be built in the hotel building to improve the efficiency of the hotel staff, improve the customer satisfaction with the hotel, and create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the staying guests.

Solution Introduction

The commercial center wireless intercom system solution we provide is based on the MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system and the building's internal wireless signal micro power coverage system. It fully integrates the security and wireless signal of the building in the communication and data applications of the MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system. Micropower coverage system (hereinafter referred to as antenna distribution system) is comprehensive in signal coverage.

£¨1£©Using the XIR R8200 digital wireless intercom system for repeater  inter-frequency relay technology to expand the radio's communication range. When the radio cannot communicate with each other due to the distance between the two radios or the building block.At this time , the repeater can transmit the radio¡¯s signal at different frequencies and then pass to the radios. The antenna distribution system sends the signal out, thereby expanding the communication distance between the radios.

£¨2£©The antenna distribution system of the inside the hotel in the community is arranged to solve the indoor signal coverage problem. The antenna distribution system consists of an indoor omnidirectional antenna, a flat panel directional antenna, a coupling splitter, a power divider, a trunk amplifier, a connector, and a low-loss RF Cables, leaky cables and other equipment components, combined with national electromagnetic radiation standards and residential building structure, distribute the antennas in every corner of the basement, and then connect them to the center of the base station through cables, so that the wireless signals are received or transmitted through the antenna to achieve the entire Wireless signal coverage in the basement area of the cell; In the outdoor area of the cell, a low-power outdoor omnidirectional antenna is used, and the output power is adjusted to ensure the coverage of the entire cell, meanwhile no signal leaks out of the cell.

£¨3£©Antenna distribution system, increasing communication capacity. The antenna sharing system consists of combiners, splitters and signal tandem controllers. Up to eight digital base station signals can be integrated into the same antenna distribution system. Receiving or transmitting saves unnecessary investment in materials, repetitive wiring, and debugging, thereby reducing costs;

£¨4£©CapacityPlus multi-channel sharing system, making full use of channel resources (optional) Dynamic channel allocation and system channel management through embedded complex control logic software in the base station. Channels are only occupied when the user initiates a call and releasing the channel immediately after the call ends. So all system users can share all channel resources. Channel utilization is much higher than regular users that can only use fixed channels

£¨5£©IP internet system, with the help of IP base station interconnect roaming,the walkie talkies can communicate under the situations of  scattered geographical position and wide area with physical obstacle,or complete coverage signal  in towering buildings.

£¨6£©Digital Telephone Interconnection System for Improved Communication (Optional) With MOTOTRBO? Digital Telephone Interconnection, you can seamlessly use digital walkie-talkies to connect fixed phones and mobile phones. This new feature can work on MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication systems, IP Site Connect, and Capacity Plus digital systems.

£¨7£©The combination of Customized development with other applications(optional)
Accroding to customers¡¯requirements,we can integrate our system with other hotels app,such as broadcast system ¡¢hotel room management system¡¢fire alarm system¡¢wireless network system.

System function£º

¡ôDigital voice function£ºGroup call£¬Private call£»

¡ôDigital signaling function£ºPTT ID and alias£¬Tele-Kill radio£¬Check the radio£¬Call prompt£¬Emergency call

¡ôOther applications£º Text message Send£¬GPS Positioning System

Solution features£º

¡ôCovered comprehensively, no communication blind area

¡ôDigital technology, voice clear, call security, no interference;

¡ôFlexible system with long term scalability

¡ôLonger power supply to ensure lasting calls

¡ôText information, silent communication, realizing the quiet environment of the hotel

¡ôImprove employee safety and ensure timely response